NIFES is given a very good reference in Norway’s national evaluation of biological, medical and health research.

The scientific quality of the Aquaculture, Safe Seafood and Seafood and Health groups was evaluated as “very good”, while Monitoring was rated “good to very good”. (The four groups have since been reorganised into two: Healthy Seafood and Fish Nutrition). According to the report, “very good” means that the research team can boast of a high degree of originality, a high level of publications in internationally renowned publications and high productivity with extremely high international relevance. “Of course, we are delighted to receive such recognition, which encourages us to continue to develop our research,” says Øyvind Lie, director of NIFES. The evaluation by the Research Council of Norway focused especially on scientific quality and relevance. Other aspects including strategy, research management, recruitment and cooperation were also identified and evaluated.You can read the whole sub-report (in English) here.




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