Seafood that is sold commercially should be safe. Selling seafood that exceeds the maximum levels for the different undesirable substances is not permitted.

Because the levels of undesirable substances can be high in certain types of seafood in some areas, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority has introduced dietary recommendations/ warnings for these. The warnings from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority can be divided into two types:

  1. Warnings that concern self-caught fish (i.e. fishing yourself for your own household). These warnings aim to help you assess whether the food is safe and does not pose a health risk. Some warnings concern fish and shellfish from polluted areas. This applies, for example, to fish liver from coastal waters.
  2. Warnings aimed at vulnerable groups (e.g. children and pregnant women). This type of warning concerns products that are sold legally and that do not exceed maximum levels, but which these groups should limit their intake of. For example, this applies to brown crab meat and Greenland halibut weighing over 3 kg.

Mussel warning

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority monitors algal toxins in mussels, and provides dietary warning every week on whether it is safe to eat mussels from your district.
The mussel warning is aimed at those who wish to harvest mussels for their own consumption. Norwegian grown mussels and other types of shellfish that are sold commercially and in shops are checked by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. These types of shellfish are therefore safe to eat.

Detailed information about the warnings and the mussel warning is available at

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