Many people don't eat enough fish and other seafood, and this applies particularly to children and pregnant women.

The average intake of fish and other seafood among adults in Norway is roughly 400 grams a week. Fat fish constitutes roughly a third of the total intake.

There are major individual differences in intake, and children and young people have a significantly lower intake than adults. There is also a good deal of variation among adult women, and the oldest women eat most. Studies have shown that women reduce their intake of seafood when they become pregnant.

Stable intake over the last ten years

The intake of seafood in Norway has been stable over the past decade. The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s recommendation is 300-450 grams of fish a week, 200 grams of which should be fat fish.

The national food consumption survey Norkost III (2011) shows that women eat an average of around 300 grams of fish a week. The average for men was around 450 grams of fish a week. The survey showed that only half of the population eats the recommended quantity of fish.

The fish intake in Norway is high however compared with other European and Nordic countries.

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