One fish cannot be said to be better for you than another. The different fish species and seafood products contain different nutrients. For this reason, it is important to have a varied diet and choose both lean and fat fish types.

Marine omega-3 fatty acids prevent cardiovascular disease and is important for eyesight and brain function. Fat fish species, especially mackerel caught in autumn, are very good sources of marine omega-3.

Vitamin D is important for good bone health, and several studies also show that vitamin D can have a number of positive effects on our mental health. Herring is the absolute winner when it comes to vitamin D content.

Iodine is important to ensure normal development and is crucial to energy conversion in our bodies. Cod is top of the class as regards iodine, which many of us don’t get enough of in our diet. Recent research also indicates that cod counteracts type 2 diabetes and can have a slimming effect.

You should eat different types of fish and seafood, including sandwich toppings.

If you are interested in what the various fish species and seafood products contain, you can find information about this in the Seafood Data database.

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