Fish need nutrients, not ingredients.

Salmon have minimum requirements for nutrients such as amino acids in protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. It does not matter whether these nutrients come from plant ingredients, marine ingredients or land animal ingredients. (link til ingredienser i fiskefôr).

The source is not important

In the past, the feed consisted of fishmeal and fish oil, ingredients that provided farmed fish with an abundance of essential nutrients. However, the fish do not need fishmeal and fish oil, but the nutrients they contain, such as essential amino acids. These amino acids can come from fishmeal, or for example from soy, corn or animal proteins. As long as the salmon receive the right amount of amino acids in their feed, it does not matter what the source is.

Robust fish

In the past, the nutritional needs of fish were defined on the basis of growth, severe deficiency symptoms and mortality rates. Today, the nutrient requirements is defined so that it ensures fish health and welfare and that the fish produced are robust, i.e. fish that do not develop production disorders and that can withstand infection.

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