Veterinary border control seafood
Financed by: Norwegian Food Safety Authority


In accordance with European Commission Regulation (EC) No 136/2004, Norway is obliged to perform a veterinary monitoring of products imported to the EU / EEA area from third countries. On behalf of the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (FSA), NIFES participate in the preparation of plans and routines and for the analytical activity associated with imports of seafood products. NIFES also provide science based support, participates in project management and elaborate the annual project report. The staffs of the veterinary border inspection posts are responsible for sampling and an initial assessment of the import consignments.


The aim of the project is to assess the microbiological and parasitological status, as well as  presence of pharmaceuticals and environmental pollutants in seafood samples submitted to NIFES from the veterinary border inspection posts. Chemical spoilage parameters are measured to determine whether the product has been exposed to adverse storage conditions before the border crossing.

As a part of the project activity, FSA are supported with scientifically bases advise during  planning and elaboration of sampling plans and provide a day to day project management. The project is carried out according to the EU’s regulatory framework for sampling and analysis of relevant samples and analytical parameters. The activity focus on food hazards, reflected in geographical origin and on current reports from the RASFF network.

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