Sri Lanka - Fish quality, safety and post harvest aspects
Start date: 1. July 2013
End date: 30. June 2014
Financed by: Ministry of foreign affairs, the Embassy in Colombo
In cooperation with: CDCF, NARA, Norwegian Food safety Authority
The project is lead by: CDCF


This project is collaboration between CDCF (and its affiliates) and the Institute NARA (Colombo, Sri Lanka) in the fisheries sector in Sri Lanka. The project was proposed in 2013 after being investigated in the form of an initial project in 2012-2013.


The project is a technical cooperation between institutions in Norway and Sri Lanka. The main purpose is to increase both the quality and quantity of fish resources for the benefit of the people of Sri Lanka, both as producers and consumers of seafood. The project consists of two parts, where the first component wants to increase seafood quality, reduce losses after harvesting and increase the intake of seafood in the population of Sri Lanka. The second component is about increasing the technical and operational capacity of NARA for monitoring the marine environment and harvestable marine resources in Sri Lanka. NIFES has its activity in the first component.

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