Start date: 1. April 2013
End date: 1. April 2017
Financed by: NFR
In cooperation with: CRAW, RIVM, IUPA, EWOS, Nutricontrol
The project is lead by: NIFES


The project will assess the risks involved in using rest products from farmed land animals (processed animal proteins; PAP) in novel salmon feeds. The project will develop novel tools, both analytical as well as risk assessment tools, which will be used in the advisory role NIFES has to the Norwegian Food Safety Authorities on salmon feed and seafood safety. The project will assess emerging risk throughout the whole Atlantic salmon food production chain when using PAP salmon feeds, with focus on both feed and food safety. The project will have participation of the industry that is producing nutritional PAP products (represented by the trade organisation, European Fat Processors and Renderers Association, EFPRA) as well as the industry that intends to implement these rest products in the innovation of sustainable salmon feed (EWOS innovation). The project will also have participation of the European Union reference laboratory on PAPs and the national research institute that performs surveillance and advises the Norwegian Food authorities on fish feed and food safety.


The present proposal aims to:

  1. Validate and develop novel genomic and peptidomic methods as well as screening methods for species and tissue specific identification of PAPs.
  2. Perform state-of-the-art screening of numerous chemical residues in relevant PAPs followed by quantification of identified contaminants.
  3. Assess the transfer of PAP-derived chemical residues from feed to the edible part of farmed salmon as well as establishing predictive feed-to-fillet carry-over models for these contaminants.

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