Redox biology
Start date: 1. January 2017
End date: 31. December 2017
In cooperation with: Carsten Berndt


The aim of this project is to establish basic research in redox biology at NIFES. In the past, this research field was focused on oxidative stress, e.g. a situation where the organism was in danger to develop oxidative damage. With recent developments there is more interest in how metabolism and development are regulated by the redox environment by controlling the activity of a range of proteins through so-called redox switches. We have established contacts with experts in this field, who gave us access to zebrafish lines expressing redox sensitive Green fluorescent protein, which can be used to measure the intracellular redox potential in vivo. We will characterize this fish, by investigation how the redox potential develops during embryonic development and how it is affected by oxidative and reductive stress. We will also establish methods for measuring oxidative stress and tissue redox status which can be used in different contexts.


Establish basic research in redox biology at NIFES

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