Methods for analyses of veterinary drugs
Start date: 1. January 2016
End date: 31. December 2016
The project is lead by: NIFES


NIFES analyzes feed, fish muscle and other seafood products for residues of veterinary drugs and illegal drugs. Most of the samples analysed for medical residues is from the Norwegian Food and Safety Authorities monitoring programs. According to the “2002/657/EC: Commission Decision of 12 August 2002 Implementing Council Directive 96/23/EC Concerning the performance of analytical methods and the interpretation of results” there is certain demands the methods have to fulfill to be able to reported the results to EU for the monitoring program for farmed fish.


At NIFES we are constantly working to improve our methods. At NIFES we aim to have good, robust and accredited methods. Analyses of veterinary drugs is performed with a LC-MS QQQ, this gives us results with high selectivity and sensitivity.

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