Qualifish - increased quality in the whitfish sector
Start date: 1. January 2014
End date: 31. December 2017
Financed by: NF Bionær
In cooperation with: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, SINTEF Technology and Society, IRIS AS – Avd Stavanger, Matis (Island), Røe Kommunikasjon, University of Idaho (USA), NTNU Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
The project is lead by: SINTEF - SFA


The Norwegian white fish industry is based on the harvest of marine resources and is characterised by the seasonal variations in amounts of landings throughout the year. This is especially the case regarding the large fisheries of cod, with a short four-month commercial season, from mid-January to mid-April. During this period, the large volumes of fish caught at the same time leads to production capacity problems in the land-based industry regarding landing and processing. A major challenge of the industry is that while most of the whitefish is caught and processed during the winter; both national and international markets demand stable all-year deliveries of high-quality and safe cod products. Through technological development of equipment in the fishing fleet and in the land-based factories, the challenge goal is to guarantee a stable delivery of fish products. The technology involves gentle and effective loading of catch, and the correct methods of freezing/thawing to retain a best possible quality. In this project, NIFES contributes with competence and analytical capacity within seafood microbiology, for the documentation of how the new technology affects the seafood quality.


The primary objective of the project is to develop necessary knowledge and a flexible technology to increase profitability and sustainability throughout the value chain of cod production in Norway, enabling actors to meet market demands for safe products with high quality and at sufficient volumes all year around.

In this project, NIFES aims to contribute with competence in seafood microbiology and analytical capacity throughout the value chain of cod production. This includes activities both on-board fishing vessels and in land-based factories.

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