Improvement in the fields of Food Hygiene and Food Safety in the fisheries sector in Angola
Start date: 1. July 2015
End date: 31. December 2017
Financed by: CDCF-IMR (NORAD)
In cooperation with: IMR-CDCF, Norwegian Food Safety Authority, Ministry of Fisheries, Angola
The project is lead by: NIFES


Norway has a long history of technical support in the fisheries sector in Angola. Up to now, seafood safety has not been included in this work. Now this part is included and in the new project “Improvement in the field of Food Hygiene and Food Safety in fisheries sector in Angola”.


The aim of the project is to give technical support in the following fields:

1. Angolas system for securing seafood safety, evaluation and assessment of needs for improvement.
2. Technical assistance for introducing production methods for utilizing by products and bycatch for human consumption.
3. Technical assistance for laboratory development and accreditation.
4. Arrange seminar (s) on HACCP.
5. Elaborate, edit and publish 3 HACCP manuals; canned fish, frozen fish and fish meal.
6. It is also a goal to start research cooperation including inviting an Angolan master student to do his/her master work in Norway.

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