Exploring cataract in lumpfish
Start date: 18. February 2016
End date: 30. June 2016
Financed by: FHF
In cooperation with: Akvaplan Niva
The project is lead by: Akvaplan Niva


As with cataract problems in farmed Atlantic salmon, there is reason to believe that cataract development in lumpfish may be related to fish nutrition. Lumpfish from several plants are examined for cataracts and tissues like muscle, heart and lens are sampled. The project will proceed with the chemical analysis of samples taken out in order to establish the relation between cataracts and nutrition, with particular reference to amino acids and histidine compounds.


The project aims to analyse amino acids in feeds and tissues from lumpfish sampled from differemnt commercial sites , and compare these with wild-caught lumpfish. The severity of cataracts will be related to the status of histidine compounds in the lens.

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