NIFES research scientist Kristin Hamre is one of the co-editors of the new journal PeerJ, which was launched in February this year.

PeerJ is an open-access academic journal whose articles are published on the Internet. Authors who wish to publish articles in the journal pay a membership fee, a one-off payment that entitles them to lifetime publication of their articles.

The new journal will cover all fields of biology and medicine, and has a total of 600 editors. Its origanisors include one of the founders of the on-line journal PloS ONE. Hamre is one of ten editors who will cover fisheries and aquaculture.

“I felt honoured to be asked, and I believe this is a very exciting way to finance academic publication,” says Hamre.

PeerJ brought out its first edition on February 12, 2013, and NIFES published an article in the second issue of the journal.

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