Fiskerminister besøker NIFES

Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg was able to see what NIFES does first-hand when he visited the institute on Nordnes.

‘I’m learning something new every day,’ the Minister of Fisheries Per Sandberg said today when he visited NIFES for the first time since taking up the post in December last year.

During the visit, the minister heard short lectures about NIFES and the institute’s main areas: fish nutrition in addition to safe and healthy seafood. He was also given a guided tour of NIFES’s sample reception unit and its laboratory for analysing contaminants, where he got first-hand insight into how NIFES works.

During the visit, the enthusiastic minister said that he was interested in collaboration and NIFES’s contributions.

‘NIFES’s expertice is important,’ Sandberg said.

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